Tuesday, January 29, 2013

COO-poning or Q-poning?

Alright, I'm from the east coast...so I say coupon as "COO-pon." But here in TX, everyone I've met pronounces it as "Q-pon."  So which is the right way to say it? Do you COO-pon or do you Q-pon?! I NEED to know!!

Today was my very FIRST adventure in couponing. (alright, how did you just pronounce that?!?)  I've been using "The Krazy Coupon Lady" for my lists and store info, I obtained the early Sunday paper on Saturday, and then got a copy of the Sunday paper on Sunday. I've also printed a bajillion coupons from online sources.

It took me THREE days to get my binder all neat and OCD how I like it. I actually wound up printing the Krazy lady's coupon binder template. I love how organized it is. So far, for organizing my coupons, it's been very easy to follow. I figured I'd start slow and easy, so I opted for Dollar Tree; everything's $1, so I have no prices to figure out! Easy, peasy, right!? =D

WRONG! =( 

I printed out my shopping list for the Dollar Tree, using the Krazy lady's website because it indicates exactly which coupons to use, what they are worth, and what the final cost will be.  Also, just before I headed out the door, I separated the coupons that I was planning to use at the Dollar Tree, and printed out the Dollar Tree's coupon policy. 

That's the kicker... once I read the policy I realized that they only accept TWO home-printed coupons per day! What?!?! Ugh. Only about 80% of my coupons were printed at home. Ah well, screw it; I'm gonna go for it anyway and see how it goes. 

The first Dollar Tree that I hit up was under-stocked. Very disappointed that I couldn't find anything that I wanted. I did finally get the pepperoni, because my son was hungry! ;)

I couldn't stop there, so I decided to try one more Dollar Tree.  This one's stock was much better. They also had better brands and more items available than the previous one. But still I only wound up with about three items from my list.

My very first couponing adventure was more like an "experience." In the end, I purchased about 9-$1 items for $4.50. So I saved approximately 50% after tax. They did not have many of the products that I was searching for, and it's a hassle to only be able to use two printed coupons per day. Luckily the lady allowed me to do two separate transactions, "this one time."; )

P.S. I paid FULL price (gasp!) for the hand sanitizer because we were all out and desperate! I mean, I have two very adorable germ-magnets, ya know! 

Verdict: Disappointing
Thoughts: I will definitely try again. My adventures in COO-poning have only just begun! I'm determined to go KRAAAAZY couponing at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and the Commissary! :D

I'd LOVE to hear all about YOUR adventures in couponing, your humble beginnings, or your great beginners luck! 

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  1. COO-poning is the "right" way to say it. ;) Oh go again and you'll save TONS of $$$. Sparkle of Sparkle Creations is a coo-pon queen! She is amazing at it. Here is her most recent post about her Couponing adventures: http://sparklecreations.blogspot.com/2013/01/couponing-in-2013-and-book-review.html